Photography and Video

"Marketing campaigns need to implement photos and videos in their businesses"

📷You Need a Professional Photographer

Roadside Studios collaborates with various corporations, businesses, ad agencies, and publishers on a range of services. Hiring the best photographer separates you from the competition as stellar images showcase you in the best light while upholding the human side of your company. Clients essentially want a variety of photography including environmental portraiture, work floor, safety implementation, skilled workforce, employee and customer relations, events and detailed product photography.

Step 1

Before we secure a shoot, it’s important that we understanding the subject matter that we’re working with. As well as understanding the photographic side such as form and shape, it helps to know where the product is from, how it’s made, what it’s used for and what sort of people buy it to give us the best chance of taking relevant images.

Step 2

When discussing the shoot, we ensure that we understand what the plans to do with the images. Are they to be used for advertising, a promotional campaign, their website, social networks or a printed publication? Do we need to try to sum up the whole business in one image? Do we need to leave a certain space in the images of products in order for text to be placed in?

Step 3

Understanding what the images will be used for and learning about the products will go a long way in informing the style in which we shoot everything, but it’s worth establishing with the owner the feel and mood that they’re after.

Some will want a very formal and structured shoot that captures the shop and produce in a straight forward manor. At the opposite end of the scale, some will prefer a more reportage style shoot that captures the store in a more relaxed and spontaneous style.


In a photographic sense, we need to consider how we’re going to make the subject and product stand out compared to others on the market. It’s important to give a strong sense of the brand, what they stand for and the key elements of their products that set them apart.

This could involve including the brand name or logo which would immediately identify the brand, but this doesn’t have to be done in an obvious or blatant way. Think about ways to include elements that are creative and interesting. Certain design or decor features may set this particular brand apart from others, which we can look to highlight and emphasise in your images.

Step 5

It was important to get images of people enjoying the product, which is vital for consumables and food. This would be different for something such as fashion, as we’d have a dedicated shoot. For exmaple a technology product, we’d want to display someone using the product in a certain context.